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Weekly Letter


With the 8th year of Greedometer letters in 2018, the services have been adapted to meet market needs. A new Weekly Greedometer Letter (WGL) letter is on offer. It will:

  • include Mini Greedometer sequence and Greedometer sequence including/up to  the previous week;
  • include an estimated baseline and topline (estimated until an observed baseline point is seen);
  • include an existing supportable/proven baseline and topline (once a baseline point has been observed);
  • include an estimated next baseline or topline point (SPX inflection point in time and value);
  • include updated videos about the Greedometer sequence and mini Greedometer sequence;
  • be posted Tuesday evenings (so the data will be 2 days old);
  • be for a 90-day term;
  • cost $150.


The WGL is intended for retail investors, brokers/advisors — but anyone may subscribe.

  • NOTE: if you work for a large bank or brokerage you will need to use a phone / computer that does not belong to the institution because most banks / brokerages block the Greedometer website.



  • tactical:  assist retail investors, brokers & advisors in market timing in order to capture 1/3 of the price move in the S&P500 —both up and down.  This applies to time periods where one major market cycle (down then up) is approximately 3 months. Trading based on this system is well suited to round trips (a buy then a sell) 2-6 weeks in duration. This is not a day trading system.
  • strategic: assist investors in making portfolio re-structuring moves to reduce risk of portfolio loss and to increase chances of capital gain from positions held 6 months or more.
  • 1 to 2 trades per month on average
  • estimated pace of S&P500 crash
  • forecast S&P500 crash launch point week
  • confirm crash launch point week within 2 weeks of it happening
  • forecast next S&P500 interim inflection point week
  • confirm S&P500 interim inflection point within 2 weeks of it happening (once the baseline has been set)
  • confirm a secular stock market bottom within 2 weeks of it happening
  • identify a Greedometer sequence warp (material change in the pace of stock market collapse) from new fiscal & monetary policy actions -and threats!- within 2 weeks of it happening
  • identify a Greedometer sequence truncation within 3 weeks of it happening, if the source of a truncation is a single central bank action. If multiple central bank actions are involved, it may take up to 4 weeks to verify the truncation.