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The motivator: the S&P500 will be more than cut in half from the low 2400s seen in early May 2017 (expected to be re-tested in July-Aug 2017) through Q3 2018 if there are no more large scale short term band-aid fixes that do not address the main structural economic problems we’ve been kicking down the road since 1999 i.e., debt and a tax code that incentivizes leverage.  This forecast includes an expected Trump budget deficit blowout in 2018, no more Fed rate hikes after June 2017, and further threats from the ECB, BoJ, PBoC to normalize policy rates but very little action. The Trump tax cut will be smaller than is baked-in (as of March 2017).


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Send the requested information to  newsletter at greedometer dot com . The trial is only open to those managing $1B+ and/or banks with a balance sheet of $3B+.