There are people interested in having access to the trades I make in realtime. Nearly all are in the investment business.

Here’s what I’ll offer:

  • I’ll email you my trade within an hour.
  • You see every trade I’ve made in the two accounts. (There won’t be very many trades. I’ve got a full time job that keeps me busy.) 
  • View my current positions.
  • We’ll do a 90-day trial.  If central bank sugar bombs / Trump Tweets intrude in that 90-day window to stop an unpleasant reality, therein messing up our trades, I’ll extend the trial. You can count on that happening to a certain extent, but probably not enough to stop the profitability overall and in determining the viability & veracity.
  • It won’t be cheap.  If you are not managing more than $100M, you’re not going to like the trial fee. And you’ll like the ongoing fee even less — even though it will be a rounding error on what you charge –for insight that will give you higher confidence in your structural and tactical plays.

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