With all of last week’s data in (it takes until Tuesday afternoon to obtain input data for all Greedo / mini Greedo input parameters for the previous week), last week’s mini Greedo value is a smidge lower than what was estimated. This means the baseline is slightly steeper than I’ve been estimating. This  in turn means the pace of this protracted crash is slightly faster, so the end point in time has been pulled closer by a month.  All the more reason to release the Bullard yesterday — to reduce the ugliness of an impending inconvenient reality. Same as what’s been going on for years.

With Bullard’s comments yesterday, the G13 sequence has seen its first warping effect flatter. The bad news is we were prevented from confirming the 1st baseline point was last week. The good news is we can be fairly confident that the slope seen last week was the initial slope or that it was going to be only slightly steeper with a 1st baseline point being seen this week as a result of a slightly lower mG value this week. So we’re close.