With last week’s data now in, we pull the crank to the Greedometer algos and out pops last week’s values (as recent as it gets for this system). The updated Greedometer and mini Greedometer 13 sequence is shown in the video.

  • Either next week or the week following will see Greedometer charts/videos move to the newsletter. You’ll be able to access it for free when you create an account. (no need to fill out the contact us form)
  • The video below shows the SPX closing the week at 2750. Nothing magical about 2750. Again -that’s a weekly close value. A lot can happen intra-week. Also note: it is entirely plausible for this week to close in the mid to high 2600s. That would generate a slightly steeper sequence than what’s shown in the video –but completely plausible and supportable.
  • We must be permitted to observe a mini Greedometer 1st baseline point to use the system with high confidence / low risk.  Central banks have not permitted a mini Greedometer baseline point to be seen since 2014. If they shut up this week we’ll probably see it. Mind you, we also need the Commander in Tweet to abstain from tweeting any more comments that a China deal is almost done. His credibility on the topic is taking a pounding –but he seems to not care.