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Mini Greedometer


Following the automotive theme of the Greedometer®, the Mini Greedometer® uses a speedometer style gauge to display weekly readings. Mini Greedometer readings over 90 that coincide with Greedometer readings over 6500rpm suggest a U.S. economic and stock market collapse is about to begin.

Whereas the Greedometer gauge provides insight into the scale of a pending stock market collapse, the Mini Greedometer provides insight into the speed of a pending  collapse, and location of interim tops and bottoms along the course of the collapse. The Mini Greedometer gauge is used in conjunction with the Greedometer to estimate likely secular and interim U.S. stock market tops and bottoms to within a 2-week timeframe.


Here are two examples of mini Greedometer sequences:

mini Greedometer 2007 to 2009


mg11 2011