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Hard Million: Paid Service


The  paid service overview:

  • View existing positions.
  • View every trade made. (There won’t be many trades. I’ve got a full time job that keeps me busy.) 
  • An email notification within an hour of trade.
  • Access for 25 seats.
  • The Greedometer and mini Greedometer sequence will be emailed to you on Tuesday evenings. If you prefer a link to download, that may be accommodated.
  • Starts with a 90-day trial. $5000.  If central bank sugar bombs / Trump Tweets intrude in that 90-day window to stop an unpleasant reality, therein messing up our trades, the trial will be extended. Count on that happening to a certain extent, but probably not enough to stop the profitability overall and in determining the viability & veracity of this trading and forecasting system.
  • Post-trial service cost: 1bps/quarter -on your asset base, not just one fund.


One of these is very likely to happen in 2019-2020:

A: central banks determine they need to protect the grand story that our stock, bond, currency, and commodity markets are actual free markets with legitimate price discovery, and that reckless behavior needs to suffer consequences to protect the stability of the global economy in the future -> then look for the Dow & SPX to drop 65-70% from a peak late June 2019-mid July through some point in late 2020. Under that scenario you will have suffered months of irate customer phone calls and emails -and have seen your asset management revenue cut in half.  What’s it worth to dramatically reduce the size of that drop?  The Hard Million Service can help.

B: the above happens –but central bankers blink after the SPX & Dow are down 40% -> at that point your asset management revenue will likely be down approx 20%. What’s it worth to dramatically reduce the size of that drop?  The Hard Million Service can help.


For the quant-inclined ambitious opportunists:

$Ts of wealth is going to evaporate and shift over the next few years. The biggest losers will be fund managers with traditional investment approaches. The door is wide open for nimble quant funds that show large gains during this crash to take market share in an historic manner. Your AI/ML algos have probably not been working too well over the past few years (how did you do in December 2018 & May 2019?).  Want some assistance?  The Hard Million Service can help.


Fund Companies, Portfolio Managers, Advisors
Whether you’re managing a quant fund or more traditional fund, at some point as we move through this forecast (and see the gains made via Greedometer generated trades) you’re likely to become interested in licensing the Greedometer® IP for use in a new fund or to manage risk in your existing funds.


Corporate Treasurers, CFO
When you become interested in licensing the Greedometer® IP for use in managing risk, financial planning, cash flow planning, and balance sheet risk, please use the Contact Form here.


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