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Hard Million Overview


They say the first million is the hardest. The Greedometer® algorithms will be used to attempt to turn $25K into $1M. Welcome to Hard Million®.

The stock market is going to see volatility increase through 2019 and 2020 as a protracted crash sees progressively larger drops. $40-50T in wealth is going to evaporate from global equity markets by the time this crash ends.

The Greedometer newsletter is going to be used to demonstrate how the Greedometer® algorithms:

  • forecast a crash by the time the crash launch point arrived
  • forecast the pace of the crash and approximate end point in time and value
  • forecast the size and timing of each major S&P500 drop and bounce

All the above will be validated because a live (real money) account will be used to attempt to turn $25K into $1M over the course of this crash.

If you can understand this 4 minute video you’ll be able to understand the information generated by the Greedometer® algorithms in the newsletter.