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  • justification from the Greedometers for previous trades
  • account statements showing the balance and trades

Two accounts have been set up, each with $25K.

  • One account will use leveraged ETFs to be tactically long and short the SPX. Objective: double the money during this protracted crash of 2019-2020 –while never suffering a drawdown more than 20%. (You’ll see the statements on this TD Ameritrade account ending in 957)
  • The second account will use SPY put & call options. Objective: turn $25K into $1M over the course of this protracted crash. (You’ll see the statements on this TD Ameritrade account ending in 765)

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Retail Investors
Depending on your preference and access to other tools, you might choose to do any of these:

  • Do nothing. Watch the iceberg hit. Watch your portfolio lose more than it did in the 2007-09 crash. You’re a buy & hold (no matter what) investor and still invest using the same investment strategies as you did in the 80s & 90s. That’s why the crash of 2000-2003 and 2007-2009 were so painful. That’s why this crash will be even more so.
  • Re-structure your portfolio to be less traditional and more defensive. Objective: lose less.
  • Re-structure your portfolio to make 1-2% in 2019 & 2020. Sell it all and park in short term Treasuries, money market, CDs. Sleep well at night.
  • Re-structure your portfolio to be some combination of the above two but also attempt tactical market timing –to capture profits from major market moves up as well as down. Try to make 10, 20, 30% during this protracted series of drops / crash — your goal would be tied to the amount of risk you’re comfortable taking.

NOTE:  DO NOT undertake market timing / tactical trading unless you have an ability to monitor your account daily, understand the tax implications of  short term trades (usual hold times of 2-6 weeks), have access to additional technical tools, and an ability to withstand volatility.