They say the first million is the hardest.

You’d likely be able to turn $9K into $1M in the next 9 months  – if:

  • central banks let reality happen
  • the Commander in Tweet stopped tweeting that things are about to be marvelous and yuge.

Alas, neither of those is likely.

But for those that like to dream, here’s how it could be done –with fairly low risk. Buy 1000 SPY Put option contracts with the March 20 2020 expiry. Now $9 each. $9K would turn into just shy of $1M by March 20 2020.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 2.16.24 PM

Mind you, if you were convinced central banks were running low on credibility and ammo, and that the Commander in Tweet were going to stop tweeting of impending marvelousness, you’d be well advised to wait for the next SPX/SPY bounce to run out of gas (a month-ish from now). At that point you’d likely be able to buy that same March 20 2020 SPY Put for $7 -and have the same approx $1M payout (with 1000 contracts).

I would not recommend either trade because central banks have repeatedly stopped an inconvenient and painful reality for the past 20 years –albeit at varying points of maturity of a crash.