I present a video showing the current Greedometer sequence, mini Greedometer sequence and the resulting S&P500 forecast. I also present an estimate of when & what the Fed will do to stop/slow this crash. Among other things, this video will make it clear that you could have known in October 2007 that a crash was initiating.

The S&P500 forecast I present in the video assumes:

  • 4 Fed rate hikes this year
  • no European Central Bank rate hikes but their QE program will begin tapering late this year to early next year
  • more threats from the Bank of Japan to begin tapering its QE program
  • more intrusions from the People’s Bank of China to buy everything required to stop a stock market crash –for a few hours
  • the Swiss National Bank will continue to act like one of the largest long-only hedge funds on the planet and continue to buy U.S. stocks and equity index funds and futures
  • no new tax cut packages from anyone
  • someone at the Fed will threaten something new, large, and yummy in May –otherwise things get very real

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