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Category Archives: stock market crash 2016

Don’t be worried about a 20% drop.

There’s a lot of chatter over concerns the SPX may drop to a level that is 20% below its peak. So 1700-1710 is going to be on a lot of radars.  With respect, this is a misunderstanding of what’s really unfolding this year. Don’t be worried about a 20% drop. Be worried about a 65% drop.      

Be extremely cautious today

Because I have paid clients and subscribers, I am limited to what I can post publicly.  With that said, be very cautious today. Strike that. Be extremely cautious today. If the Fed does not give the right message in their FOMC statement this afternoon, things are going to get violent. Oh, I forgot, central banks don’t matter.  Never mind….    

Great WSJ article (for a change): Global Meltdown

Yesterday saw a great article in the Wall St Journal. A nice change for the perma-bull half-truth crap that tends to be all too frequently written. This article is by former Dallas Fed V.P. Gerald O’Driscoll. Here‘s the link. My favorite parts: Creditors who lent to these energy producers will suffer losses on their loans, and they too might become financially impaired. If past […] Read the rest of this entry »

Being lulled to sleep. WAKE THE HELL UP.

There is a growing acceptance among the investment industry punditocracy that we may well experience a 10% drop in the U.S. stock market. Thanks for conceding that as the SPX closes down 10% from its all time peak today.  Some of these brilliant folks are hedging by suggesting we may even see a 15% drop — but that it means nothing. They’re selling this […] Read the rest of this entry »

When will someone trip on the cable?

I wonder when someone at the NYSE or CME or CBoE or NASDAQ or Amex will trip on a power cable today bringing that exchange down.    

Stock market crash 2016

Welcome to 2016.  Expect the ugliest global stock market crash in 2016 since 1929 —- unless more central bank actions are launched to stall or slow this collapse.  To this end the central bank cupboard is getting pretty empty, and their actions are becoming less effective. There are two viable Greedometer/mini Greedometer sequence forecasts at this time. They each represent uglier crashes than the […] Read the rest of this entry »

A big short

In honor of “The Big Short” I’m once again in a very big SPX short. All the best in 2016.    

The end game arrives

  Central banks -lead by the Fed- have been repeatedly stopping stock markets from crashing (or crashing further).  If you do not accept this premise you should stop reading this article and stop visiting this website. Without question the Fed has been the primary crash-stopper since 1999 (the period I’ve been studying since 2005). At some point the effectiveness of monetary policy tools diminish […] Read the rest of this entry »