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New Margin Debt record. Reprise.

August NYSE Margin Debt was posted at….. $B550,851 -> another new all-time record in financial system leverage. Corrected for M1 money supply growth, the value is $B545,230 — not quite a new all-time high (that goes to Aprils’s M1 corrected value of $552B). Regardless we’re at a lofty perch this year.   Nothing to see here.

July 2017 NYSE Margin Debt Record

NYSE Margin debt for July was posted at $549.9B (called it $550B) — the highest ever. Corrected for M1 money supply growth (an attempt to normalize to make comparisons across time more meaningful), it was $544.5B -the 2nd highest reading ever. April’s $550.6B (M1 corrected) remains the tallest margin debt skyscraper of all time. I should point something out regarding the chart above. Margin […] Read the rest of this entry »

NYSE Margin Debt: nothing to see here…

NYSE margin debt for May was posted. Adjusted for M1 money supply, it fell from approx $551B to approx $528B. I’m expecting a new all-time high to be reached this month at $555B. Nothing to see here….

Margin Debt: new all time high (over $0.55T)

NYSE Margin Debt set new all-time highs in April (as expected). Corrected for M1- money supply, the NYSE margin debt in April was ……. $550.6B. Those of you that’ve been following this site for a decade or more have watched this chart develop.  Some of you recall the halcyon days of 2000 when a paltry quarter Trillion dollars of NYSE margin debt was the […] Read the rest of this entry »

Margin debt: new all-time high

NYSE margin debt for March 2017 set a new all-time high of $536.3B, beating February’s record-setting $528.2B.  However, corrected for M1 money supply growth, February remains the all-time high record holder at $532B, while March is $526B.  I expect April to set new all-time highs irrespective of money supply growth.   FYI, trailing 12month as-reported S&P500 earnings are now 16% higher than they were […] Read the rest of this entry »

New Margin debt record

NYSE margin debt (one of 10 Greedometer inputs) set a new all-time record in February at $528B ($531B corrected for M1 money supply growth to normalize).   Nothing to see here.

Margin debt record!

Earlier this morning I did a blog post wherein I wrote that I expect February NYSE margin debt would set a new all-time record (over half a $T!).  A few minutes ago, the NYSE posted January’s margin debt data at $513B, setting a new all-time high.  February’s will be higher than this and set another new all-time record ($516-520B). Margin debt usually sets a […] Read the rest of this entry »

Margin Debt new all time high

A couple hours ago the NYSE released margin debt data for April.  I expected $495B. $507.1B was posted.  Wow!  Over half a trillion dollars.  I use M1-corrected margin debt in the strategic Greedometer (1 of 10 inputs). On this basis, April margin debt was $506.1B.  Margin debt tends to set new all time highs shortly before a stock market crash initiates.

New all-time high in Margin Debt

  This story tells itself. For those new to this story, it goes like this… NYSE margin debt previously reached new all-time highs a few months before the S&P500 peaked and initiated collapsing.  Mind you, that time lag has been tightening to the point where margin debt will likely peak the same month as the S&P500. I will not be surprised to see M1-corrected […] Read the rest of this entry »

Margin Debt: bubble bubble bubble bubble

The NYSE margin debt figures for July were released. Corrected for M1 money supply, it says July continued to see very nearly the highest leverage levels (via margin) ever.  More in the newsletter tomorrow.