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Panic insider selling. Ignore this to your peril.

The first 9 weeks of 2017 have seen an average sustained level of panic insider selling at 6.0 shares sold vs bought. Previous similar time periods were: February 2007 at 6.26. 8 months prior to the crash launch point. This crash was stopped in March 2009 by the Fed’s expansion of QE1 in -PLUS- the changing of accounting rules to permit banks to avoid […] Read the rest of this entry »

Insider selling approaching panic level

The past 7 weeks (first 7 weeks of this year) have seen insiders selling 5.5X as many shares as they bought. This is high enough & long enough that this data stream on its own should get your attention. I don’t rely solely on this data stream, but it is an input parameter in the Greedometer as well as mini Greedometer algorithm.  Insider sells […] Read the rest of this entry »

Another Flash Crash Scapegoat

U.S. authorities arrested a U.K. trader and are planning to ship him to Chicago to stand trial for playing a role in the May 6 2010 Flash Crash. To those that don’t recall the flash crash, the Dow was dropping 100 points a minute for 6 minutes until someone hit ctrl-alt-delete. This U.K. trader may have played a role — I suppose the trial […] Read the rest of this entry »

Insider Selling update

Last week saw insiders dumping their shares at a pace nearly 6X they were buying. I expect the same this week.  I also expect retail investors to have been buying stocks heavily last week and that they will this week. Plus ca change…..