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The Top was in April.

  (Important) Housekeeping comments: 1. We’re approaching the date when we will combine 2 weekly email letters into 1. The new letter will contain a very brief summary and website link to facilitate login and access to the entire letter (economic news and data, analysis, the greedometers, and details on the specific investments we plan to buy / sell.) 2. An interactive greedometer gauge […] Read the rest of this entry »

The Top Cometh…

  The view presented by the greedometers still indicate April is the top for risk assets and that the economic slowdown of 2012 – 2013 began earlier this year. The US economy will probably slow to the point where it stalls completely and falls back into recession in the current quarter. The book (Greedometer. Dow 5000. Why nobody sees it coming.) will go into […] Read the rest of this entry »

Short Economic Stories March 10 2012

The greedometers are increasingly suggesting that we’re currently in the warm-up act a few months before a secular top in risk assets. (More in the private client letter on Wednesday.) In addition, talk about low trading volume. Wow! Watching Friday’s equity markets, you would have thought two guys were buying and selling. When only 300M S&P500 company shares have traded by 3pm, you know […] Read the rest of this entry »

Year End Letter 2011 (& 2012 Forecast)

Strategic Indicator:  Greedometer Last week, the greedometer registered 5400 rpm, a respectable but not unexpected jump from the previous week 4800rpm. And with that, we have the end of the year-end rise in the greedometer.  The 2011 set of greedometer readings resemble that of 2007. Indeed, both years saw the last or second to last week finish with a 5400rpm reading. Uncanny.  And foreboding.   (the […] Read the rest of this entry »

Short Economic Stories: Asia

China: There’s more evidence of residential property prices dropping. The People’s Bank of China is going to have to step-in in Q1 if this continues. After the European financial system crisis, China’s property bubble is the number two strategic investment issue to track. How is China’s stock market?  Down over 60% since the peak in 2008, and down nearly 30% from this year’s peak.  India: The news […] Read the rest of this entry »

Short Economic Stories: Asia

China: Last week, China announced the November inflation rate dropped to 4.2%. Fingers reamin crossed everywhere for China to avoid the same fate as everyone else that had a property bubble. December 11th marks the 10th anniversary of China’s admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO). You can imagine a lot of deals had to be done in order to permit this. One such deal was the protection […] Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly Short Economic Stories

More fingers in the dike…… everywhere.  To counteract the damage inflicted by reality — a stream of worsening economic data here, Europe, everywhere — we see: The Fed, Bank of England, Swiss National Bank, Bank of Japan have “once more dear friends, stepped into the breach..” by making 3-month loans to the ECB (via currency swaps).   Think about that.    European banks don’t trust […] Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly Short Economic Stories

• August : the $600B month! The US Treasury must finance $100B in yet more deficit spending plus $500B in maturing debt. If Europe manages another grand lie in the coming 1 – 2 weeks, the US dollar and Tbonds are likely to come under pressure again. But if the Europeans fail to kick the PIIGS and sovereign debt crisis down the road one […] Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly Short Economic Stories

Apparently I’m not the only one to notice Ben Bernanke’s comment last week where he indicated the chances of more QE (after QE2) are dropping because the trade off with inflation is “getting less attractive”. The Economist April 30th 2011 issue pointed this out too. 1Q earnings season is mostly complete (435 of 500 done). As expected, earnings have been strong. In fact, the only quarter […] Read the rest of this entry »

Interesting Short Stories from this week…

Here’s a fun quote from an Irish member of Parliament while addressing the European Parliament this week. This Irish Parliamentarian is (obviously) not from the the party in power (that is about to pass a brutal budget and then be wiped out in an election) ….          ” Far from being a bailout, your International Monetary Fund-EU intervention in Ireland is a mechanism to make vassals […] Read the rest of this entry »