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First fund coming: YUGE

I am being underwritten with $250M to seed an event-driven fund to capture profits in the event of a Donald Trump presidential victory. Symbol: YUGE. The fund will have unrestricted latitude to own assets as it pleases.  The investment committee is building a list. So far it includes: S&P500 long term put options VXX TWTR put options (why not? what do you want to […] Read the rest of this entry »

Next Fed & ECB sugar bombs

The Fed and ECB will get the most bank (sorry, I mean bang) for their buck if they wait until after the BEA’s overestimated GDP report on January 29, and the BLS overestimated January jobs report on February 5th. If I were pulling the levers, I’d have the ECB announce a 30B euro/month increase in QE in the second week of February.  This might […] Read the rest of this entry »

Hello Trolls

There seems to be a spike in scumbag trolls today.  Since it’s Christmas time, I’m in the mood to give the trolls some airtime.  Here’s your chance to take some shots at me / the Greedometers.   Rules: No swearing. You must be original. You must entertain me. You must include the firm you work for.   You know you want to.  Let’s see […] Read the rest of this entry »

CNBC: breaking news with no facts. Funny.

In an obvious effort to get Morgan Stanley’s earnings news posted as quickly as possible, CNBC posted an article with the facts left as XX and XXX placeholders. Have a good day, folks….