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Realtime View of trades

There are people interested in having access to the trades I make in realtime. Nearly all are in the investment business. Here’s what I’ll offer: I’ll email you my trade within an hour. You see every trade I’ve made in the two accounts. (There won’t be very many trades. I’ve got a full time job that keeps me busy.)  View my current positions. We’ll […] Read the rest of this entry »

Free Greedometer newsletter via login -now

  Today there is a new feature on the website — a self service feature that allows users to create their own free access Greedometer newsletter account. Here is the page: link. As of now, I will not do blog posts with the Greedometers. If  you want to see what’s going on -and what’s going to happen to the SPX- create an account.   […] Read the rest of this entry »

May 28 2019 Greedometer and S&P500 update

  With last week’s data now in, we pull the crank to the Greedometer algos and out pops last week’s values (as recent as it gets for this system). The updated Greedometer and mini Greedometer 13 sequence is shown in the video. Either next week or the week following will see Greedometer charts/videos move to the newsletter. You’ll be able to access it for […] Read the rest of this entry »

May 21 2019 Greedometer Newsletter

Hi All. Until I get the new login process going I’ll post updates to the blog. Here is what things look like now.   Greedometer 13 sequence   mini Greedometer 13 sequence   What this means: Forecasting a decidedly painful future for risk assets. Since the stock market is a mechanism to keep consumers blissfully unaware of the eroding fundamentals of our economy, central banks […] Read the rest of this entry »

FREE. Greedometer Newsletter is now free

  Yup. Free. Until further notice, the weekly Greedometer letter will be free. No restrictions. Use the Contact Us form to send your info. An account will be created for you. You’ll have access to the Greedometer and mini Greedometer sequence and the supporting SPX & GDP forecast.  At some point, ads will begin running. Until then, enjoy.      

Bonus month

Hello all. If you have previously been a paid Greedometer newsletter subscriber you’ll get a bonus month of WGL newsletter if you sign up by January 10.  

Last Daily Greedometer Letter

Tomorrow will see the last daily Greedometer letter. A new weekly Greedometer letter starts next week. The WGL is priced to be more accessible. As we end 2017, here’s what was seen: record mini Greedometer readings record Greedometer readings record S&P500 the lowest sustained VIX values the highest volume of IPOs near record M&A activity record craziness from cryptocurrencies and ICOs record NYSE margin […] Read the rest of this entry »

Special Offer

Want insight about what’s going to happen to the S&P500 next year?  What happens between now and year-end will give you a roadmap so long as you have access to the Greedometer and mini Greedometers via the Daily Greedometer Letter (DGL). The most important event during this timeframe will be the passing of the much-vaunted tax cut (un-funded/debt-accretive!). Whether it passes will have a […] Read the rest of this entry »

SAS Day today!

It’s here. Free access to all employees of SAS Institute. Use the website contact form to enquire.  https://www.greedometer.com/contact-us/contact-form/ What a great time to have a free look at the Greedometers. Things are developing nicely. Similar time periods were August 2015 and January 2016. This time is slightly different in that NY Fed Prez Bill Dudley intervened multiple times immediately priorto what would have been a […] Read the rest of this entry »

Open Analytics challenge

This is a challenge to anyone working at an analytics company — specifically those in the product management, marketing, or sales area.  Show me the risk management and forecasting solution you sell to the financial / insurance sector. Focus on how it warned your financial sector clients that an epic liquidity crunch was coming before it hit in September 2008. I also want to […] Read the rest of this entry »