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Buy & hold is a great idea — for the investment industry

The buy-and-hold investment philosophy has been around a long time. There are many reasons for this longevity: Not following a buy-and-hold philosophy necessarily entails some amount of market timing. Consistently beating a market average or index via market timing is exceptionally difficult. Many investors understand this, so they accept buy and hold as an investment strategy. This is the essence of the point of […] Read the rest of this entry »

Free Download Day on Amazon: Monday June 10

Greedometer 2.0 The Rats Are Jumping Ship  will be downloadable for free on Monday June 10th (2013). Here’s the link on Amazon.com:  Greedometer Book.    

Greedometer ranks #3 on Amazon Best Seller list

I’m pleased to write that my book – Greedometer 2.0 The Rats Are Jumping Ship – has reached #3 on Amazon’s Best Seller list for books about investing. A podium finish. Maybe I should say podium start — since this is the first day the book is advertised. Thank you to all that sent kind remarks. Please post a review on amazon, and tell […] Read the rest of this entry »

Download Greedometer 2.0 Free today

Today’s the big day.  My book – Greedometer 2.0 The Rats Are Jumping Ship – is available on amazon.com and downloadable for free. The free download is for today only. link to Greedometer 2.0 on amazon.com.  

Greedometer Newsletter Posted

This week’s Greedometer Newsletter has been posted. Tomorrow is the free download day for the book (on amazon.com):  Greedometer 2.0. The Rats Are Jumping Ship.  

BNN interview link

BNN removed the erroneous graphics. Here’s the link (you must open / read the blog posting before clicking on the link.)    

Interview on Big Blend Radio tomorrow

  I will be interviewed on Big Blend Radio tomorrow at 7pm (eastern).  You can listen live.  The name of the radio show is Happy Hour.  We’ll discuss the Greedometer and the book. Link to blogtalkradio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/big-blend-radio/2013/03/22/money-travel-cooking-books  

Greedometer 2.0 Book Trailer Video

The book trailer video has been posted to the youtube Greedometer Channel. Here it is:  

The send button was hit!

I am pleased to announce that I hit the send button!  The manuscript has been sent to the book formatter. After weeks of prolonged editing, Greedometer 2.o is one step closer to being launched. I’m still working on the details of the free download day.