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The Fiscal Cliff resolution is written in brown ink

It is not surprising that: Congress ran the clock down. Congressional Democrats want to increase taxes to reduce a fiscal deficit. Congressional Republicans oppose tax increases. Congressional Democrats and Republicans continue to low-ball the amount of deficit cutting required. But it will be surprising if bond markets (vigilantes?) and debt ratings agencies deem any solution to be credible that proposes appreciably less than $6T […] Read the rest of this entry »

Note to self: your taxes are going up. Way up….

  It’s hard to find an article discussing government budgets/spending without encountering a political agenda – especially in this pre-election environment. Let me go on record by saying I have roughly equal disdain for both US political parties, and their US Congressional performance. By now, you are painfully aware of the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ we’re approaching. In a nutshell, various tax breaks we clearly cannot […] Read the rest of this entry »