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Shortage of German Bunds not a problem (despite FT view)

There’s an interesting article in the FT this morning (link here if you have an FT subscription).  It suggests that because the ECB has for two months in a row not been able to buy its German Bund quota (per its own QE program), the QE program will have to be tapered.  Let me suggest the FT is wrong in their view. The ECB […] Read the rest of this entry »

Good read

I thought it fitting that on a day when the ECB delivers a press conference of historic significance from Italy (not the usual — Frankfurt), the FT is running a short article from Italian ex-ECB economist Lorenzo Bini Smaghi. (link here – requires FT subscription). The upshot: The ECB is running out of tools to keep the economy propped up. The economy will rollover even […] Read the rest of this entry »

I like ECRI

I track a myriad of data.  One of my favorite sources is ECRI (Economic Cycle Research Institute).   I recommend you check them out. Here’s a link. Let me recommend you spend some time with the WLI.