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More Trump sugar bombs

This morning I did a blog post that President Trump’s tweet last week about coming “phenomenal”  tax changes happened less than 24 hours after the Greedometers identified an imminent drop in the SPX about to happen.  His tweet impacted the Greedometers and bought a week and 2% on the SPX.  Today with the Greedometers still reflecting an imminent drop initiating, President Trump excited the […] Read the rest of this entry »

Commander in Tweet

Last Wednesday I announced a free trial because it was an ideal point in time & price to do so.  The SPX was within 1-2 days and 1% of initiating the opening dip in what would (and still will) be a protracted crash. Less than 24 hours later, the Commander in Tweet tweeted that he’d give us information about a new “phenomenal” tax plan […] Read the rest of this entry »