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Cashophobia. The investment industry’s fear of cash

Many investment professionals have a fear of cash i.e., they rarely accumulate large positions in cash. Doing so would invite criticism from clients. Clients are frequently paying for one of these two: A service that consists of investment advice. A service that clients interpret as investment advice, but is really just a sales pitch with trade execution. For the purposes of the point we’re […] Read the rest of this entry »

Investment Industry Fear: Don’t be wrong and alone.

Many investment professionals are afraid of being wrong and alone. One may be considered “wrong” in any or all of these situations: Stock markets rise considerably but client portfolios earn a markedly lower return. Or worse yet, client portfolios show losses during a stock market rally. Stock markets drop a modest amount but clients lose considerably more. Stock markets drop a lot, and so […] Read the rest of this entry »

Free Book Download

  Amazon gave me a 5-day quota of free download days. I’ve decided to use them up. The book (Greedometer 2.0 The Rats Are Jumping Ship) will be offered one final time for free: July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Don’t have a kindle? No problem. Amazon has free e-readers for PC, Mac, i-pad, and other devices.

Man drinks from firehose

My apologies for the lag in responding to your emails, enquiries, media requests, and social media comments. I’ll do what I can to keep up with responding to comments on the blog, Facebook (Greedometer), Seeking Alpha, Youtube (Greedometer Author), and linkedin. Because of the MarketWatch article, there’s a backlog to get through.  

Posterchild for the 2013-2014 collapse: the Greedometers in 2011

There’s a chapter devoted to this in my up-coming book (Greedometer 2.0  The rats are jumping ship.). Let’s take a brief look at what I believe will be the poster child for the 2013-2014 collapse: the 2011 collapse. The 2011 collapse saw the S&P500 flirt with a drop of 20% before more monetary candy had to be found. Let me make this point very […] Read the rest of this entry »

Get the book for free

In attempting to find effective and affordable ways to market the up-coming book, I’ve come up with these three offers to allow people to obtain the e-book for free! 1) Write a favorable comment on three recent blog postings. OR   2)   Twitter. Re-tweet three of my tweets and use the two hashtags #Greedometer, #stockmarketcrash2013. OR   3)   TED Talk.    Suggest me […] Read the rest of this entry »

New Videos are coming

Hello Greedometer followers. I’ve been working on videos for the e-book.  I plan to have a short video (5 minutes or less) describing the Greedometer and mini Greedometer as it tracked through the previous 6 sequences.  Some of them will be posted on the website.