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Release the Rosengren

Boston Fed Prez Rosengren did a scheduled speech this afternoon. A link to the high points… https://www.bostonfed.org/news-and-events/news/top-takeaways-bard-college-talk-041917.aspx Notables: in the future, the weak economy “may necessitate more frequent use of large-scale asset purchases during recessions.” “quite likely” we’ll see more central bank QE programs in the future Fed “would take a very gradual approach to balance sheet reduction.” No obvious risk-on response from asset markets. Hmmm. […] Read the rest of this entry »

SAS Day today!

It’s here. Free access to all employees of SAS Institute. Use the website contact form to enquire.  https://www.greedometer.com/contact-us/contact-form/ What a great time to have a free look at the Greedometers. Things are developing nicely. Similar time periods were August 2015 and January 2016. This time is slightly different in that NY Fed Prez Bill Dudley intervened multiple times immediately priorto what would have been a […] Read the rest of this entry »

Open Analytics challenge

This is a challenge to anyone working at an analytics company — specifically those in the product management, marketing, or sales area.  Show me the risk management and forecasting solution you sell to the financial / insurance sector. Focus on how it warned your financial sector clients that an epic liquidity crunch was coming before it hit in September 2008. I also want to […] Read the rest of this entry »

Markets are re-synchronizing (risk off)

Presented with no commentary…    

Tomorrow is SAS day — free access

Tomorrow is SAS day. The Greedometers will be provided for free. Use the contact form to have an account created. Do you work for another analytics company and want free access? If there is sufficient demand I’ll set that up too.    

Which market catches up to which?

Guess which market is out of touch? US Tbond: USD/JPY: and the SPX:   Which market catches up to which? Spoiler alert: the equity market is always last to recognize a bubble.  

Trump: making things classy and interesting

At some point shortly after 3pm, President Trump said he thought the dollar was too strong… results:     Zooming out…   A lot of the hot air that’s been in the USD/JPY since the election is escaping. Ditto the 30yr yield….       He said “I think our dollar is getting too strong and that’s partly my fault because people have confidence […] Read the rest of this entry »

SAS Day –> free access

Next Wednesday -April 19 2017- will be SAS day. Free access will be provided to anyone with a valid SAS email address and LinkedIn profile.  Observe what the Greedometer algos are quantifying. Use the contact form to inquire.  

Daily Dudley

For the 3rd time this week Bill Dudley’s comments are spiking markets: USD/JPY, USTnote/Tbond yields, and risk asset prices. Ah… free markets. A few minutes after Dudley’s comments hit the tape at 12:48pm we got this….      

Release the Dudley yet again

Yesterday saw the release of Fed minutes showing that expectations were for the Fed to begin reducing the size of its $4.5T balance sheet by the end of the year. Markets reacted immediately. So NY Fed Prez and short-killer extraordinaire Bill Dudley explained today that he saw no appreciable balance sheet reduction until mid 2018. This exercise reminds me of the Fed’s QE3 taper […] Read the rest of this entry »