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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Financialization: banks gobbling up the U.S. economy and making it riskier.

This is a chart showing the asset base of U.S. commercial banks and real GDP from 1972 to Q1 this year. Looks a little troublesome no? Let me make it easier for you. This graph is the quotient of the blue line in the chart above (bank assets) divided by the red line above (real GDP). Worried yet? You should be. This graph clearly […] Read the rest of this entry »

‘Big Short’ Steve Eisman says financial system is safe

This morning’s FT has a good article about Steve Eisman’s view on the global financial system. Eisman -who made a $B shorting the U.S. real estate sector in 2007-2009- was portrayed by Steve Carell as the main character in the movie “The Big Short”. Here’s where I agree: The financial system is “safer than it has been in decades”. Well, I don’t know about decades, but […] Read the rest of this entry »