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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Time for someone to trip on a power cable

Reality started creeping in an hour ago. How long will it be until someone trips on a power cable at the NYSE or CBOE?  

Investment Pro Assistance ($100M+)

SPX flirting with 2180 as I write this. How ’bout them apples? Do you manage in excess of $100M?  If yes, let me suggest you get in touch as soon as convenient. I won’t share the Greedometer nor mini Greedometer data on our call, but I will share insight on: what’s likely to happen over the next month the next year how central banks […] Read the rest of this entry »

Hello BoJ

At 1pm N America time (2am Japan), and ten minutes after the cash SPX dropped through the 100dema (2125), the BoJ blinked and posted that it would consider more deeply negative rates at its meeting next week. Brainard’s comments from yesterday was not strong enough to launch a sustained short squeeze. She needed help. This BoJ comment has had an impact on the price […] Read the rest of this entry »

Nothing to see here (but a 15% VIX smash)

Heading into the BLS report at 8:30am someone with deep pockets (probably owns a currency printing press) decimated the VIX with a 15% drop.  Yeah that makes sense. Heading into a key economic report risk plummets. Nothing to see here.