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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Greedometer newsletter update

The 4th anniversary of the Greedometer newsletter was celebrated recently.  I’m taking the opportunity to re-design the service offerings to meet the needs of the subscriber base while offering a new service to institutional subscribers.   Existing subscribers are being consulted in the re-design.  I expect to re-launch the new Greedometer newsletters in the next week or so.    

Another great Koo video.

Another excellent video from Koo. He talks about the trap created by QE and that markets are in for many years of high volatility.  If anyone can connect me with Koo, I’d be grateful. I think he would be very interested to see the correlation of Greedometer crash warnings with central bank sugar bombs being dropped over the past 17+ years –and how long […] Read the rest of this entry »

How run (ruin?) an economy

If you have not seen Richard Koo’s video about how banks and regulators acted in a previous existential crisis, you should. It is very instructive. Here it is. Based on my observations over the past decade and Koo’s comments, here is my playbook for fiscal & monetary policy. I call it  How to run an economy.   Banks: Bankers should act responsibly. They should […] Read the rest of this entry »

What air pocket?

  The Greedometers suggested the SPX would roll over and soon initiate a crash five weeks ago –when Janet was backing away from a rate hike (unless there was another CB sugar bomb).  With the BREXIT warp up act out of the way, 1.5 weeks ago I posted publicly that the SPX would see an air pocket very soon (unless there was another sizable […] Read the rest of this entry »

Greedometer Newsletters restructure and relaunch

In order to meet the changing needs of my subscriber base the newsletters are being re-structured. There will be a re-launch and trial announced in the coming days.  Please stay tuned.