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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Margin Debt new all time high

A couple hours ago the NYSE released margin debt data for April.  I expected $495B. $507.1B was posted.  Wow!  Over half a trillion dollars.  I use M1-corrected margin debt in the strategic Greedometer (1 of 10 inputs). On this basis, April margin debt was $506.1B.  Margin debt tends to set new all time highs shortly before a stock market crash initiates.

Important charts

This morning’s DMT has some very important charts. You can view them if you sign up for the free trial.  The trial ends tomorrow. link to trial sign up      

Greedometer trial ends this week

The free trial of the weekly Greedometer newsletter and the Daily Market Timer letter ends this week.

Next 2 weeks will be very interesting

The next 2 weeks will be very interesting for the 10th Greedometer and mini Greedometer sequence.  The S&P500 path for the next 2 years is going to begin to come into view.  Tune in and find out.  There’s a free trial.   link here    

Euronext pulls plug. Markets stop dropping.

  Europe’s derivatives market (called Euronext) was re-set during today’s European bond market meltdown.  This stopped the bloodbath and caused a reverse in course.  When reality creeps in, pull the plug.  SPX futures were plummeting — right up until the plug was pulled on Euronext. I could not find any mention of this on the website of CNBC nor the FT this morning. Odd […] Read the rest of this entry »