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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Free Trial now

The free trial starts now.  It is open to all. Trial accounts have access to DMT and Weekly Greedometer letters starting with today’s letters.  The DMT is usually posted by 9am (but sometimes is posted around 9:25am). The weekly Greedometer letter is usually posted by noon.  The trial will end at some point in May. Trial Info: This trial will act as a daily […] Read the rest of this entry »

FREE TRIAL about to start

As the S&P500 has just set a new intra-day all time record (a few minutes ago), this is the perfect time to announce a trial of the DMT and weekly Greedometer letter is about to start.   I have decided to make the trial free in order to have the greatest reach.  So please tell your friends. Here’s what I’d like in return. Make […] Read the rest of this entry »

Another Flash Crash Scapegoat

U.S. authorities arrested a U.K. trader and are planning to ship him to Chicago to stand trial for playing a role in the May 6 2010 Flash Crash. To those that don’t recall the flash crash, the Dow was dropping 100 points a minute for 6 minutes until someone hit ctrl-alt-delete. This U.K. trader may have played a role — I suppose the trial […] Read the rest of this entry »

Greedometer + Swissie + IMF = supreme risk

This morning’s FT has two articles I find interesting. One is about the Swiss being the first country to issue a 10yr sovereign bond with a negative yield (guaranteed loss for 10 years). Yes, the ECB’s QE program gets credit for this bizarre event. However, ignoring the implications of this phenomenon would be unwise. Usually when safe haven assets (like the 10yr swissie) are […] Read the rest of this entry »

Greedometer Trial

An update…. The upcoming trial will begin in 1-2 weeks. The trial period will be 2-4 weeks in length. The objective is to provide access before and during a major market turn. The trial account will provide access to the daily market timer (DMT) as well as weekly Greedometer newsletter. It will be open to anyone. There will be a nominal cost. I reserve […] Read the rest of this entry »