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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Newsletter Trials end tomorrow

The Daily Market Timer trial ends tomorrow (so does the weekly Greedometer newsletter trial). Here’s a link to sign up for the trials. (if you try the daily, you also get access to the weekly)    

Mini Greedometer video added

  A video applying the mini Greedometer to several crashes / crash initiations has been added. Here’s the link.    

Greedometer Sequence video uploaded

  There’s a new video on the site. It applies the strategic Greedometer and its sequence to the Fed-truncated crash of 2007-09, the early truncate (Fed + ECB) crash of 2011, and 2 early truncated crashes of 2014 (credit goes to ECB, Bundesbank, BoJ, PBoC). The video has been loaded onto the Weekly Greedometer Newsletter page. Here’s the link. https://www.greedometer.com/subscription-level/sample-newsletter/   A video applying […] Read the rest of this entry »

Current Mini Greedometer sequence in this morning’s DMT letter!!!

The current mini Greedometer sequence is going to be shown in this morning’s DMT letter. The mini Greedometer sequence provides the basic roadmap for my market timing calls. There is a trial providing access to the daily market timer (DMT) letter as well as a trial for the weekly Greedometer letter. The DMT trial provides access to both letters (so there’s really no need […] Read the rest of this entry »

PayPal Payment system on hold

This is odd. Because there has been such a marked increase in business volume –from new subscription sales– Paypal has put the system on hold.  A victim of success?? I have explained what’s going on.  The hold will be released shortly….  New subscriptions will be available any minute now…..   kind regards Jeff      

Daily Market Timer update

  The response to the new daily market timer has vastly exceeded my plans and even my  hopes.  There has also been feedback that has been beneficial in shaping the offering.  Here’s an update.   Cost: Retail investor: $1500/quarter.  Proof must be provided. Please use the contact form to enquire about details. NAPFA advisor: $2000/quarter. Proof will need to be provided. Everyone else: $3000/quarter. […] Read the rest of this entry »

Trial Sign Up now live

  Here’s the link to the trial sign-up page. link to trial sign-up       


As you’ll see from the DMT letter (when you sign up for a trial next week), I indicated in the Monday morning and Tuesday morning letter I was looking to sell the SPX short when the cash SPX dropped to the 1970s-1980s — and I expected that on Monday-Tuesday.  I  sold it around 1980 on Tuesday —- just in time to get out of […] Read the rest of this entry »

Thank You!

In planning the new service launch there was a sales target for December.  That target has now been obliterated — after only 3 days. Thank you to all that have become subscribers!   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.    

Trial access comes… this weekend

The password requirement to access the trial sign-up will be removed this weekend, opening the trial to the public.  Trial access accounts will have access through Dec 31st and will be able to view the letters from this past week disclosing the planned and executed trades. It will cost $1 for the trial. The $1 fee provides a means to reduce fraud — since […] Read the rest of this entry »