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Monthly Archives: February 2013

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The $100 Basic Newsletter Subscription service will be free during the month of March.  

Greed is back! (baby)…

Greed is Back! One of the 9 input parameters to the Greedometer algorithm is Margin Debt used on the NYSE. This is the amount of money borrowed from broker-dealers to invest “on margin”.  Margin debt exemplifies greed and is the inspiration for  the Greedometer name because it peaks at secular stock market peaks.  The all-time high margin debt figure was $381B in July 2007. […] Read the rest of this entry »

Greedometer Newsletter is out –and it’s EPIC

This week’s Greedometer Newsletter is out. All I can say is… Wow! here’s the link.  

The rats are jumping ship at a blistering rate

WAKE UP CALL! Last week: Across all the US exchanges, insider share sales were nearly 9.5X the number of insider share buys.   This is the highest ratio of shares sold to shares bought across all US exchanges — since the provider of this data began keeping records in 1998.   Panic selling.  On the NYSE alone, insider share sales were more than 10X the […] Read the rest of this entry »

When’s the next recession?

This morning the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago released its January National Activity Index — an excellent barometer of national economic health. The report made large upward revisions to previous estimates of November and December. So I expect an upward revision to Q4 2012 GDP from the previous -0.1% to something like +0.5% to be announced by the BEA at some point. As of […] Read the rest of this entry »

Greedometer Newsletter is out

This week’s newsletter has been published: click here  

Wall Mart Sandbagging confirmed

Well what do you know?  Wall Mart and Wall St. sandbagged a $1.57 earnings estimate (Wall Mart Q4 2012 earnings), choreographed a leak to lower expectations further, then managed to handily beat the sandbagged earnings -not by a modest 1 cent/share as I expected- but by 10 cents a share ($1.67).  Wonders never cease.  

I smell a rat at Wall Mart

There’s a tradition among corporate executives wherein shortly before earnings are announced they make comments expressing concern about earnings results. This causes the stock to drop a little bit, but then climb higher after (miraculously) announced earnings beat lowered expectations. Wall St. is complicit in the game. Analysts are uniformly bullish on future earnings, and gradually lower earnings expectations immediately prior to the announcement […] Read the rest of this entry »

Greedometer Newsletter February 14 2013 has been posted

This week’s Greedometer Newsletter has been posted. If you are not a paid Greedometer Newsletter subscriber or asset management client, you may view the top section for free. The most recent Greedometer reading is displayed. Click this link, then click on Greedometer Newsletter on the left side of the page.    

Greedometer Newsletter to offer two subscription levels

The Greedometer Newsletter is being adapted to better meet the needs of the marketplace. There will be two newsletter subscriber service offerings. Each will have a different level of access to the newsletter.  This will be implemented next week. No new subscription orders will be processed in the interim.  As previously, asset management clients will continue to have access to the entire letter — […] Read the rest of this entry »