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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Is Lehman Next

March of this year saw a tumultuous investment climate courtesy of a melt-down at Bear Stearns.  This prompted a change in the model portfolios used here at Triangle Wealth Management whereby money market positions were largely exchanged for a short-sell exchange traded fund. The rationale being that if confidence was lost in the US banking system, things would get ugly pretty quickly and the […] Read the rest of this entry »

Market Head-Fake

The broad US stock market indexes have rallied back 10% from their lows in March. Does this mean we’re positioned for another bull-run? More likely the recent run-up is a head-fake. Here is some data to support my position: Average monthly job losses for the US economy in a recession is 150,000-200,000 jobs / month. The past 4 months have seen job losses but […] Read the rest of this entry »